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Progressive Recovery is a constant reworking of the 12 steps and resources for those in recovery for substance abuse.

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Content at is provided free of charge to those in twelve step recovery, as well as their loved ones, and anyone else curious about the true nature of addiction recovery.

In order to defray some of those developmental costs, we offer these resources for your spiritual growth and development. For many, they are useful supports to progressive recovery.

We encourage you to first seek these titles from your local bookstore. To find your nearest independent bookseller click here:

This video details the story behind the development of the book as well as a brief overview of the content.

Emotional sobriety is the gold-standard for life and living…

Recently my newest book was released. Progressive Recovery through the Twelve Steps: Emotionally Sober for Life turns out to be a capstone to my life, not just as a recovering alcoholic, but as a guy who has been called to the Spirit for the whole of my life. In truth, I was surprised to discover that the book represents that calling, albeit through the lens of recovery and the twelve steps. I was also surprised by the depth of my feelings about this work and its meaning to me. The foreshadowing for that came in a blog last fall, which related “If it’s your life’s work, it will take your life.

Emotional sobriety is a gold standard for life and living.

The point is not simply emotional balance throughout our lives, but likewise to maintain a vantage point that allows us be fully available to life in any given moment.

All proceeds from the sale of the book go towards creating free recovery-based content for

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