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Progressive Recovery is a constant reworking of the 12 steps and resources for those in recovery for substance abuse.

Ron Chapman


Ron Chapman believes there are no self-made men or women. “All I have and all I am came from people and circumstances for which I cannot claim credit. While I don't define myself much anymore as the product of any specific hardship, I have been drawn in ways I could not resist. Had I not been drawn, I could never have succeeded in the face of some daunting life challenges.” One of those key challenges was the battle with addiction, a battle that Ron has waged continuously for three decades of sobriety. During this time he has dedicated himself to helping others through their own Progressive Recovery.


Had I not been drawn, I could never have succeeded in the face of some daunting life challenges.
— Ron Chapman

Ron has been called motivational and inspirational as well as a being labeled a master translator. These experiences lay a foundation for a wide range of expertise and successes for Ron including three enterprises that focus on consultation, facilitation, speaking, workshops, coaching and other activities to develop people and organizations. While Ron is a native Oklahoman and long-time resident of New Mexico, he currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Beyond sobriety, he considers his greatest success to be the relationship that he has with his two daughters; it is a direct result of the type of emotional work necessary in a Progressive Recovery. 

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